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Welcome to another Spiritual Journey (January 6 – January 26, 2019) of The Master’s Vessel Ministry. This is yet another time of prayer and fasting. We do not intend to make this spiritual discipline an endurance exercise or a competition with similar exercises fellow believers engage in at this time of the year. I therefore appeal to all MVM members to observe this time as unto the Lord in contemplation on His greatness, goodness, and graciousness. Please feel free to use the meditations below.

However, you are not, by any means, limited to the said meditations.
The Master’s Vessel Church’s Spiritual Journey (Fasting and Prayer) 2020 starts each day at 6:00am. Individuals will fast and pray on their own, and members of each church (that is, each branch of the Master’s Vessel Church) will gather at any convenient time, in the evening, to conclude the prayers daily.
For the Head Quarter (Sanctuary of Salvation), the prayer starts at 5:00pm daily, except on Saturdays when members will conclude the prayer on their own. On Sundays, the prayers will be concluded after or during Sunday Service.
If for health reasons you are unable to fast till the end of the day, please do fast as much as you can. Never forget that the fast is unto the Lord who understands where each person sits or stands. He will reward your faithfulness!
Non-members of The Master’s Vessel Ministry can submit their prayer requests to the appropriate box on the website, Click here for Prayer request May the Lord answer you favourably as you seek His face sincerely and seriously.


Day  1



Psalm 150:1-6

Isa 1:10-20

Prov. 21:27

2 Chron. 7:14

Luke 3: 21-22

Thanksgiving &

Dedication Of The Fast

  1. Enter His gates with thanksgiving for  2020
  2. Bring repentance before God for every short-coming, personal and corporate.
  3. Dedicate yourself and the fasting period to God.
  4. Ask God for the grace and strength to go through faithfully.
  5. Ask God for open heavens during the Fast

Ask God for a hearing ear and an obedient heart

Day 2



Rom 8: 26

Isa 32: 15-18

Isa 44:1-3

John  14:15-19

Zech. 12:10-14

The Holy Spirit

  • Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit in prayers.
  • Pray for the move of the Holy Spirit in the MVM in 2020 – so that –
  • As many as long for the baptism of the Holy Spirit will be baptized.
  • Every backslider will be restored.

Members will bear fruit of character

Day 3



Eph. 4:11-16

11 Peter 3:18

Heb. 5:11-6:2

Luke 1:80

1 Cor. 13:9-11

Growing to Maturity

  • Ask God for grace to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God.
  • Ask God for wisdom to put away childish things
  • Ask God for the unity of faith in the MVM.

Bind every spirit of division, distraction and destruction.

Day 4



Ps 110:1-7

Lk. 516-26

Lk. 24:49

Acts 1:8-9

Manifestation of Power

(1) Give thanks to   God to whom belongs all power

(2) Pray that the power of God will be present in all our services to produce    testimonies

(3) Ask God to make you a testimony producer

(4) Ask God to anoint all our pastors and workers for signs and wonders.

Day 5



Matt. 9:35-38

Eph. 2:10

Matt 5: 13-16


  • Thank God for the enlargement so far.
  • Ask God to send labourers in to His vineyard (MVM) for enlargement.
  • Ask God to give all MVM churches committed and zealous workers

Ask God to meet the needs of all MVM workers as they labour in His vineyard.

Day 6



Gen 45:27

Ps. 85:6

Isa. 57:15

Hosea 6:1-2



  • Ask God for personal revival
  • Pray for long and lasting revival in the MVM.
  • Pray that revival will sweep through northern Nigeria.

And bring an end to the activities of the sons of the bond woman.

Day 7



Ps. 24:1

Haggi 2:6-9

Prov. 21:1

Phil 4:19

Business Breakthrough

  • Thank God for provisions in your life, family and church in 2019
  • Ask God to supply every need for the enlargement, that money will not be a barrier to His work
  • Pray for promotions for MVM members in their work places.
  • Pray for business growth in 2020 for MVM members.

Pray for miracles, jobs and breakthrough.

Day 8 Monday


Joel 2: 24 – 27

Amos 9:14

Hosea 6: 1 – 11

Church Growth

  1. Pray that the Lord restore our Churches in good standing viz Abakaliki, Ikwo, Afikpo, Ntu, Obioma Ngor, Amaekpu, Ihiagwa, etc.

Ask the Lord to restore the zeal for God’s work among our youths.

Day 9



Luke 12: 11 – 12

Ps. 24: 1 – 4

Jer. 33: 1 – 3

Victory in Court Cases

  1. Pray that Abakaliki Church will be vindicated in their court case.
  2. Pray for God’s intervention over Presidential Parsonage
  3. Pray against thefts in Churches

Pray against satanic forces opposing divine purposes of God in the MVM individual lives and families.

Day 10



Acts 6: 7

Acts 13: 48 – 49

Divine Open Doors

  1. Ask God to prosper His people in 2019
  2. Pray that God will bless the works of our hands
  3. Pray for resources for Intentional Enlargement – Opening of new branches.

Pray for projects in PH, Onitsha, Vessel’s House

Day 11



Pro. 23: 26

Prov. 4: 23

Jer. 17

1 Sam. 16: 1 – 7

Rom. 12:1

Renewal of heart and mind

  1. Ask the Lord to circumcise our hearts
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit through the word to renew your heart
  3. Ask the Lord for grace to remove anything that pollutes the heart
  4. Surrender your heart to God.
  5. Ask God for grace to overcome temptations in 2020

Pray that our Ministers children will reflect the image of Christ wherever they go.

Day 12



Eph. 5:22 – 29

Eph. 6: 1 – 9

Col. 3:18 – 25

Marriage and Family

  • Harmony in family
  • Growth in godly relationship
  • Good parenting
  • War against marriage destruction

Young people to marry even among the youths in our church.

Day 13



1 Tim. 2: 1 – 6

Nigeria and Government

  • Pray for the President, VP, NASS, Judiciary, etc. for good governance and rule of law.
  • Pray for economic growth of the Country

Pray against tribalism, nepotism, wickedness, insurgency, kidnapping etc.

Day 14



Ecclesiastes  4:9-12

Genesis 2:24,

Psalm 90:17


Psalm 127:3

1 John 5:14-15

Psalm 138:8

Family continued

  • That the Lord should remember our single ladies who are anticipating to get to their own home in marriage.
  • That the Lord should remove confusion amongst young men and women not to see their God given spouses.
  • That those trusting God for their own children will not be put to shame.
  • That God will also provide money for those anticipating adopting children to do so.
  • That our young men and ladies be blessed with good jobs and that their businesses may flourish in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Day 15




Psalm 24:1,8: 1-9

We shall testify of victory in courts disputes

  • Pray for Presidential Parsonage that God will grant us victory in the court.
  • Pray also that God will grant us victory concerning Onitsha church building.

Pray for individual and families who are having court cases.

Day 16



Deut. 8:14,

Psalm 127:1-end

Psalm  128:1-ends

Deut. 8:18s

We shall testify in our families

  • Pray for families who are expecting fruits of the womb.
  • Pray for marriages of our singles sisters and brothers.
  • Pray for peace and love in our families
  • Pray for the salvation or our loved ones.

Pray for Financial Blessings.

Day 17



Acts 4:29-33

Mark 16:15-18

Acts 2:17-21

Acts 2:43

We shall testify of God’s healing and miracles in our churches

  • Pray that God will stretch our his hands and perform miracles, signs and wonders.
  • Pray for the sick.

Pray for the move of the Holy Spirit in MVM

Day 18

Thursday 23/1/2020

Acts 12:24

Acts 5:14

Acts 4:33

Acts 2:41

We shall testify of church growth Enlargement and saving power of God

  • Pray for opening of a new church at Orlu and other places.
  • Pray for the new churches we have opened already i.e. Abuja,Lokoja, Lagos,Port-Harcourt etc.
  • Pray that God will strengthen our churches.

Pray for salvation of God.

Day 19



Acts 23:11

Acts 16:1-15

We shall testify else where

  • Pray that God will open the doors of nations for the Master’s Vessel Ministry to preach the gospel.
  • Pray specifically ask God to open Gospel Doors in USA, Asia, Europe and African nations to open up.

Pray for supernatural resources for intentional expansion or enlargement.

Day 20


25/1/2 020

Psalm 104:1-end

Psalm 105: 37-41

We shall testify of God’s provisions and protections

  • Pray for God’s Financial and Material blessings in 2020.
  • Pray for Business people, civil servants etc.
  • Pray for employments for those who need it
  • Pray for success of students.
  • Pray for the Master’s Vessel Academy

Pray for Safety and Good health in 2020.

Day 21



Psalm 71:15-16

Psalm 22:22-end

Psalm 149:1-end

Psalm 136:1-end

A day of Prophetic Praise and worship

We shall testify of His mercies and Goodness.

  • Give God Quality Worship and Praise for sustaining us these 21 days of fasting and prayers.
  • Thank him for answered prayers
  • Thank him for 2020

Thank him for his mercies and goodness.

The above prayer points are not exhaustive. Please feel free to add and/or subtract.Thanks.

Click on the links below to download the Manual for the Spiritual Journey – January 2020

PDF DownloadMS Word Download →Click here for Our Locations and Worship Centers

Remain blessed, as we together fellowship in God’s presence, in the Name of Jesus

President Amara Uwaeziozi

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