The Master’s Vessel Ministry: Spiritual Journey (January 2016)

The Master’s Vessel Ministry: Spiritual Journey (January 2016)

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The Master’s Vessel Ministry: Spiritual Journey (January 11-31, 2016)

Welcome to another Spiritual Journey (January 11 – 31 2016) of The Master’s Vessel Ministry. This is yet another time of prayer and fasting. We do not intend to make this spiritual discipline an endurance exercise or a competition with similar exercises fellow believers engage in at this time of the year. I therefore appeal to all MVM members to observe this time as unto the Lord in contemplation on His greatness, goodness, and graciousness. Please feel free to use the meditations below.

However, you are not, by any means, limited to the said meditations.
The Master’s Vessel Church’s  Spiritual Journey (Fasting and Prayer) 2016 starts each day at 6:00am. Individuals will fast and pray on their own, and members of each church (that is, each branch of the Master’s Vessel Church) will gather at any convenient time, in the evening, to conclude the prayers daily.
For the Head Quarter (Sanctuary of Salvation), the prayer starts at 5:30pm daily, except on Saturdays when members will conclude the prayer on their own. On Sundays, the prayers will be concluded after Sunday Service.
If for health reasons you are unable to fast till the end of the day, please do fast as much as you can. Never forget that the fast is unto the Lord who understands where each person sits or stands. He will reward your faithfulness!
Non-members of The Master’s Vessel Ministry can submit their prayer requests to the appropriate box on the website. Click here for Prayer Request. May the Lord answer you favourably as you seek His face sincerely and seriously.

Mon, Jan 11 Rom. 1:8-13: Here we find example of believers who were committed to pleasing the Lord- - a. The believers in Rome whose faith in Christ did not end within the four walls of their places of worship (v. 8); b. Paul who prayed for believers in Rome as a matter of habit (v. 9) in keeping the command of the Lord (1 Tim. 2:1-4). Do you please the Lord by the faith you profess and by your prayer life? 1. Dedicate this fasting and prayer period to the Lord and ask Him for focus, physical and spiritual strength for all. 2. Pray that all members will please God in the manner in which they will engage in this spiritual exercise.
Tues. Jan. 12 Rom. 1:14-17: Notice the 3 “I ams” of Paul, further marks of a believer who made pleasing God a priority. He saw winning souls for Christ a debt he had to pay (v. 14). And he was ready or prepared to discharge this most noble responsibility (v. 15). He was not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. What a challenge to us, believers of today! 1. Let us pray that God would help us have Paul’s sense of indebtedness, readiness, and boldness in the things of God. 2. Remember the many unsaved in our churches and society at large.
Wed. Jan. 13 Rom. 1:18-32: This Scripture is a description of the times in which we live. There is a serious danger in living as though God does not exist in spite of the light of His revelation in creation and His Word. People who live such lives do not fear God, cannot please God, and run the risk of reaching God’s “legal limit for sin” without knowing it. Christian, beware! See (Gen. 15:16; Matt. 23:32; 1 Thess. 2:16). 1. Pray for the society in which you live where some people are philosophical atheists and others practical atheists. 2. Plead with God to spare our nations where evil abounds. 3. Pray that all believers would live not only with the full knowledge of the existence of God but also in the consciousness of His presence.
Thurs. Jan. 14 Rom. 2:1-4: God’s concern in this Scripture is righteous judgment. Someone has observed that “It's one thing to recognize when someone else's life is not in accord with God's principles. It's another not to remember that all of us are guilty of sin. You may have never murdered anyone, but Jesus taught that if you ever felt hatred, that was enough of a sin to cast you into hell.” Thank God that His kindness leads us to repent from our sins. 1. Pray for those who are held captive by sinful habits. 2. Pray that you may have compassion on them rather than judgmental spirit. 3. Ask God to send us revival of true penitence that leads to deep spiritual change and power.
Fri. Jan. 15 Rom. 2:12-16: It is scary to know that God judges “the secrets of men.” But it is comforting to know that He does so “by Jesus Christ, according to (the) gospel” (v. 16), and both are free and gracious. But we must come to Him by faith to escape His judgment.   1. Thank God for Jesus who was judged for our offenses. 2. Ask for the impartation of faith to receive all that Jesus purchased for us - - forgiveness of sins, peace with God, healing and health.
Sat. Jan. 16 Rom. 2:17-24: God forbid that His name would be blasphemed among those who do not know Him because of us. That will not only be displeasing to Him, it will dishonour Him. Instead, may He help us through Christ to show the way to the lost, teach the truth to those who are deceived, and give life to those who are dead in trespasses and sins. 1. Let us ask God to forgive us for the times we have failed or disappointed Him. 2. Pray that the Church of Jesus Christ would be the light to a world in darkness. 3. That each of us would be an example to our friends.
Sun. Jan. 17 Rom. 2:25-29: We err greatly if we think that obeying rules and regulations would make us pleasing in God’s sight. A changed heart that produces godly character through the enablement of the Holy Spirit is what pleases God. God is pleased by what He does. 1. Let us ask God to search our hearts to unearth those things that displease Him. 2. Pray for willingness to reject all that offends Him.
Mon. Jan. 18 Rom. 3:1-4: Have you been tempted to ask: “What is the advantage in being a Christian, after all?” Such questions are not only possible but probable when life enrolls us in the School of Hard-knocks. But never forget that when life becomes tough, God is tougher still. Though you may stop believing, God always remains faithful. Please don’t stop believing Him. 1. Let us thank God for His faithfulness toward us. 2. Pray that your faith would never waver nor fail. 3. Remember those who are facing various difficulties. 3. Remember persecuted Christians around the world.
Tues. Jan. 19 Rom. 3:5-8: That God brings something good out of the evil that people do does not mean that evil doers should be congratulated. No, the goodness and power of God get the credit. The evil doer earns the wrath of God as his/her reward. May this not be your lot. 1. Pray against satanic deception. 2. Pray that God would shield His people from false teachers who call evil good and good evil.
Wed. Jan.  20 Rom. 3:9-20: Can any human being really say to another, “I am better than you?” To get to better, you have to go from good, and no man is good, no not one (v.10). The most one can say to another is “I am not as bad as you are.” Both the bad and the worse need the grace of God through faith in Christ to be made good. “Jesus became what we are that we might become what He is.” 1. We can’t thank God enough for His salvation in Jesus Christ. 2. Pray for preachers and teachers who do not have the salvation message. 3. If this truth is not clear to you yet, pray that God will grant you understanding.
Thurs. Jan. 21 Rom. 3:21-30: The previous truth is amplified here. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (v. 23). There is hope for the “worst” of sinners for every sinner who believes is made right and righteous in the sight of God because of the finished work of Jesus Christ (v. 22). This makes everyone special in God’s eyes. 1. Thank God for His love and wisdom displayed in His plan of salvation. 2. Pray for those who have not yet received this salvation, especially those in your family or circle of friends.
Fri. Jan. 22 Rom. 4:1-8: Many Christians cite Abraham as their model for greatness in the things of God and the possession of stuff. Yet we seem to overlook that for which God commended Abraham (v. 3). David says that God also blesses with His forgiveness/righteousness, anyone who believes in Christ (vv. 6, 7). 1. Pray that God would cause people (believers and non-believers to have a deep hunger for His Word. 2. Pray that God would extend to us all the blessings He made available to Abraham.
Sat. Jan. 23 Rom. 4:9-12: God does not have favourites; He is not partial. In His infinite wisdom He made provision for His salvation to reach everyone, irrespective of colour, social status, gender, nationality, etc. The one denominator is faith in the sacrifice of Christ. But the saved must have an “external” evidence of the inward, spiritual transaction- – changed life. 1. Pray that the beauty of Jesus would be seen in those of us who have believed. 2. Pray against discrimination in the Church of Jesus Christ. 3. Pray that the salvation message be preached to the ends of the earth.
Sun. Jan. 24 Rom. 4:13-18: Because the salvation of God through Christ is by grace, it must be received by faith. There is no other way! God imparts this faith along with the grace, thereby causing the dead human spirit in a person to come alive. God has the power to call into existence things that do not exist (v. 17). 1. Pray that God would cause those who are dead spiritually to come alive. 2. Pray that whatever is dead in your life would be made alive by the power of God.
Mon. Jan. 25 Rom. 4:19-25: Abraham did not waver concerning the promise God made to him, his circumstances notwithstanding. He was fully convinced that what God had promised, He was able to deliver. God counted this for him as righteousness. This account is applicable to us too if we would believe like he did. 1. Pray that God would make us agents of change in our nations just as Abraham was to the world. 2. Pray for the strengthening of the faith of all believers.
Tues. Jan. 26 Rom. 5:1-4: Justification through faith ends the sinner’s hostility against God, granting him/her peace with God. Such a one has access to God through Jesus Christ. What a privilege! But it is a privilege with responsibility - - responsibility of forming and firming up godly character through various means that include troubles and pain. God means well! 1. God would open our eyes to see the wealth we have in Jesus Christ. 2. That God would keep us free from contamination so our access to Him would not be compromised. 3. Thank God for Jesus Christ.
Wed. Jan. 27 Rom. 5:6-11: The “much more argument” of Paul here warms the heart. If God would show His enemies sacrificial love, imagine what He would do for the enemy who is now His child. Are you? Don’t miss out on this divine largess! 1. Pray for all in authority, especially those who have declared themselves enemies of God by their policies. 2. Pray for MVM revival.
Thurs. Jan. 28 Rom. 5:12-21: The “much more argument” continues, revolving around representative heads, Adam and Christ. The “much more” is the incomparable contrast between what we have in Adam and what we have in Christ. They are like the difference between night and day. Paradise lost is now regained in Christ.  1. Pray for the destruction of all inherited negative traits. 2. Claim the enabling provisions God has made in Christ for all believers. 3. Pray for all sick brethren, believing God for their healing.
Fri. Jan. 29 Rom. 6:1-5: Believers have identified with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection in a spiritual sense. This fact is more real than your right hand. Believe it and you will experience its reality in your Christian life! 1. Pray for all the outreaches of MVM in 2016 - - for provision of resources, spiritual and material. 2. Establishment of strong and viable churches.
Sat. Jan 30 Rom. 6:7-14: The reality mentioned above is found in this text. Just as Jesus died and rose again to die no more so also the believer who died and rose again with Him should no longer  be held captive by sin (v. 14). 1. Pray for yourself and your family, bringing all your needs to God with thanksgiving. 2. Believe that God will something new in your family.
Sun. Jan. 31 Rom. 6:15-23: Salvation is the starting point of pleasing God well. But in practice pleasing God well lies in exchanging one slavery for another- - slavery to sin exchanged with slavery to righteousness or Christ. 1. Pray that MVM will please God well in 2016 and beyond. 2. Praise and thank the Lord for answered prayers.


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Remain blessed, as we together fellowship in God's presence, in the Name of Jesus

President Joshua Uhiara I